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  1. Hello, and welcome, I have found this site so helpful in more ways then one, hope to get to know you more as time goes on, we are all here for each other so come in and pull up a comfy chair
  2. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, I have found this site so helpful, there are great people here, and great ways to learn to heal. You are most welcome here!
  3. Hi, Welcome starr, know that we are all here for you!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi Laura Welcome, I too am new here and so far everyone has been so supportive! I am sorry about what happened to you if you ever need to chat I am willing to listen sakotta
  5. sakotta


    I just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi to everyone I am 27 years old and just starting to work through everything that has happened to me! I am currently going to a therapist and we are working through the book courage to heal, lately I have been very depressed even though I am taking medicine. It has been six years since I was raped and I managed to bury it all down, pretending that it never happened. Two years after it happened I started having panic attacks and black outs. Needless to say I have found that it is not heathy or safe to bury things no matter how bad we want to. I have
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