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  1. Hello Jonny - or am I supposed to call you Arsehead? hehe Welcome to AS and I am glad you have joined us! I hope you find support and understanding here. Sparks
  2. Sparks


    Welcome!!!! I'm glad you decided to join AS. This group is supportive and wonderful!!! Sparks
  3. Welcome back!! That is great that you are taking care of yourself Sparks
  4. Welcome Hanna!! I'm glad you found AS. Everyone here is fantastic and I hope it helps you. Sparks
  5. Welcome I am an animal lover as well I have three cats and I am destined to turn into the crazy cat lady. hehe. I am very sorry for everything that you have gone through. This place is fantastic though and there are countless people here to support you. Sparks
  6. Welcome Jennie! I'm sorry that you are dealing with so much right now but maybe the support you will find here will help. Be kind and patient with yourself. Sparks
  7. Welcome I'm glad you found this place and I hope you find support and understanding here. Everyone here is wonderful. Sparks
  8. Sparks


    Welcome I'm glad you are finding it helpful here. The support and understanding you will continue to find here are amazing. Sparks
  9. Welcome Everyone here is fantastic and very supportive.
  10. Welcome Emily! Everyone here is very supportive and wonderful about listening. Sparks
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