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    Welcome. I buried what happened to me for many years as well, you're right, it only does more damage. I found that I couldn't deal with it all at once, nor did I want to. I dealt with what happened physically first. It was 8 years after the rape before I could admit to being scared, feelings were the hardest. Take your time. Everyone heals differently. This site is supportive and we're all here for you when you need it.
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    Welcome! It's good to address the issues you're facing now, it only gets worse the longer you bury or deny your feelings. I hope you find the support you need here.
  3. Denial only lasts so long. Addressing the past can be extremely difficult. Everyone's story is different, no matter the degree or time-span of the abuse it has an impact on the rest of your life. You were so young. This site is very supportive. I hope you find peace and can begin to heal.
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    Thank you! I do wonder how he's doing with his life. I'm torn on this part of my story, I'm angry with him but still care and worry for him. Thanks to all of you for your support!
  5. Welcome. I'm new here too. It is hard to talk to people that haven't had the same experience, even if their empathatic and sensative to the situation. No one knows it like those that have been through it. I hope you find it helpful here. AS seems full of support.
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    It's taken me some time to build the courage to join and I'm still a little unsure and uneasy about this, but you all seem very supportive and friendly. I sought the help of a therapist when my daughter was two and it occurred to me just what kind of impact the nightmares and paranioa had on my daily life. After three years I could still talk about it only briefly, with very little detail and always changing the topic to something less emotional. I always thought it was being raped in high school that had caused the damage but have been doing some research and think my childhood may have be
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