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  1. Failed January goals 

  2. Struggling.  Does self care make me selfish?

  3. The Women's March on Washington was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had.  So honored to have had the chance to go. 

  4. I'm afraid for myself, afraid for my friends, afraid for my country, and afraid for the world. But I can't give into fear, I might keep fighting

  5. Feeling defeated, worse than ever after meeting with detectives. 

  6. feeling guilty about everything

  7. Feeling discouraged

  8. Feeling down 

  9. Terrible nightmare last night and flashbacks and body memories this morning.  

  10. has  wok  up feeling really  anxious  today

  11. has  wok  up feeling really  anxious  today

  12. I am so thankful for this place and this community.

  13. 100% exhausted today, excepting hugs lol HINT haha xx

  14. In need of hugs.

  15. In need of hugs.

  16. Back and feeling better than ever!

  17. I'm a horrible person :(:(:(

  18. Seeing new t tomorrow.  Pocket riders?

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