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  1. My T just cancelled session for tomorrow and I am panicking. I feel like I can't breathe. I don't know what I'm supposed to do now. I needed that session so bad. :( 

  2. Doing better with anxiety over my dad's terminal cancer. Going home to see him in 11 days. If you need me, I am here. You can always PM. I will always want to talk with you and support you. I love my AS family :throb:

  3. Feeling alone

  4. Panic attacks are back tonight... I'm trying so hard, this will end, right?  There is a light at the end of this tunnel?  I wish I was wrapped up somewhere with someone safe, I'm so tired of being scared:cry:

  5. feeling awful

  6. Pounding headache tonight :( 

  7. maybe one day I'll Learn to stop apologizing for being human.

  8. It's great seeing you,8888!

  9. Animals in my attic + PTSD = no sleep yet again. 

  10. 🚨 PSA: After Silence is running VERY slowly tonight.  It's not your computers, don't fret! :)  

  11. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. :)  So grateful for this community and all who consider themselves a part of it.  Each and every one of you is dear to my heart!


    For those of you who struggle with finding things to be thankful for today - I wish you periodic moments of peace and joy - for those are what will carry you the rest of the way.  My love to you all. ❤️ 

  12. Aniexty has been my enemy this week!! :( 

  13. Thursday and Friday (the anniversary dates) are bearing down on me. My beloved little foster dog was adopted Sunday and although I have another, it always breaks my heart to let one go. I also got some news about my dad. He has terminal pancreatic cancer that spread to his lungs, which is the main issue. He has survived way longer than predicted, but now his lungs are giving out on him. He can barely breathe. Even with treatments, he says he feels like someone is standing on his chest. Work is overwhelming, holiday travel is too, and so much more. I am just feeling overwhelmed and EXHAUSTED. My body just flat wants to give up. I have no energy and I yawn all day and fight sleep. I just want to go to bed but I can't. I have deadlines to meet and no one else to do the work. Praying that the weekend comes soon and brings relief. Saturday I am going to the local shelter to take pictures of the dogs there for adoption to post and hopefully get them exposure so they will find homes. I know I will enjoy that. Thanksgiving week will be good, I hope. For the first time, the anniversaries are not near it, since Thanksgiving is later this year. I hope that means I can move on and feel better. 

  14. Preliminary approval for PTSD service dog: Check!!!!!

  15. Preliminary approval for PTSD service dog: Check!!!!!

  16. Let the blame game begin again

  17. Passed the Bar Exam!!😁

  18. im not doing well im spiraling down an d i dont know how to speak anymore. its hard. and things get stolen from my mind

  19. Participated in my city's annual March to End Rape Culture today.  It's always one of my favorite events of the year.  So Empowering. 

  20. Sitters and pocket riders welcome! Heading to a difficult T session in about an hour and I'm very nervous.

  21. Help. It's all too much. Aaaahhhhhh.

  22. Help. It's all too much. Aaaahhhhhh.

  23. Just a message for anyone that needs to hear it :throb:



  24. Stupid nightmares. :(

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