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  1. Just wrote this little poem to my love as we said good night


     I shall throw Thee upon a bed of roses, and dry the petals, so I can keep Thy scent forever 🌹

  2. Today I had a chat with my Bible study buddy, went our for a 1.5 hour walk and vacuumed my room. I had chicken with oven roasted carrots and sweet potato, with a side of cabbage and apple salad. It's really easy to make, just slice the cabbage, grater the apple and mix with raisins and sunflower corns (or pumpkin corns). I might do some crafting or something later on. Oh, and I found a counselor pro bono! 

  3. How is everyone doing?

  4. Could use some hugs right now, if anyone has some to spare. :needahug:

  5. Feeling depressed

  6. Feeling depressed

  7. Things are getting too hard

  8. Support is always available at AfterSilence all you ever need do is log on! And if words can not be found, try an emoji

    :console: :sadang::tantrum: 💣

  9. Flashbacks tonight, being a survivor is so lonely :(

  10. I'm having a bad day.  :needahug:

  11. I'm having a bad day.  :needahug:

  12. I'm having a bad day.  :needahug:

  13. I feel like I don't want to be part of this terrible world anymore.

  14. The uni is holding my registration for the next fall! Meaning I can take a break and keep my registration. 

  15. Love your snowflake! So beautiful 💜

  16. Pocket riders please?

    Today is my first physical therapy appointment since covid hit. I'm off the charts nervous to be at the hospital. But I need this evaluation. I'm weak and shakey and exhausted. But at least the physical therapist will see me as I am not just at my best. I'm immune compromised, and nervous as hell, so I just called the lady at the info desk at the hospital. She said that as soon as she got off the phone with me she was going to go wipe down the wheelchairs that are near the front desk. Didn't make me feel like an idiot for being so nervous. So thank you awesome info desk attendant! So so much.

    I'm so anxious about this whole thing I have a stomachache. Normally I'm a people person, so this level of anxiety feels crazy to me. I feel like I'm losing my mind or I'm germaphobic (I'm not) or agoraphobic (I'm not) or something.


    1. 8888


      Pocket riding if it's not too late!  Otherwise thinking of you.

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  17. I need a hug. 

  18. I'm so  stupid   I messed   up why writing  is bad  for me  

  19. In case anyone is wondering where I am im somewhere amungst all of these books.     📗 📓  📚  📖 📑 📘 📚 📖    📚 📕📗 📓  📚  📖 📑   📘 📚 📖   :insane:  📚  📖 📑   📘 📚 📖   📕 📚 📕

  20. After all this time, just now starting to feel anger... not sure what to do with that.

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