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    Hi all...I'm new I created my name a while ago, but never felt up to posting until now... I'm feeling kind of nervous...I'm usually a very open person, but I've only admitted it to very close friends before. I don't know why, but I still feel somehow at fault for what happened, although I know that's not true. I was sexually abused by my uncle as a child, as was my sister. She told me about 6 years ago about what happened to her, but it wasn't for another few years that I began to come to the realisation that it had happened to me too. I think I blocked most of the memories out though, all I could really remember were shreds of memories for a long time...but some of them have been coming back to me over the past year or so...it's scary. I even have nightmares about them sometimes. I kind of wish I would forget it all again...it's not exactly something I'd like to remember. Anyway...I'm new around here...hopefully being here will help!
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