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  1. Welcome back, although very sorry for the circumstances. I hope that it helps you to be here amongst supportive people. Wishing you the best.
  2. Schadenfreude Is the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another. Those who have it coming.
  3. Hoist by your own petard. or Won battle, but lost war. https://tenor.com/view/point-shame-alice-in-wonderland-gif-8669349
  4. We're here! We care, we'll listen.You have been hurt and you have tried to live all these years with unhealed wounds. We understand. Bring your burden here and rest when you need to. You don't have to carry it alone anymore. It's hard to heal when we don't have supportive people IRL, but it can be done! Wishing you peace and healing. Welcome.
  5. Every once in a while that moron gets it right.

  6. Welcome and I'm sorry for your suffering. I hope it helps you to be here.
  7. End run:

    A running play in American football in which the player carrying the ball attempts to avoid being tackled by evading the defending players from the opposing team. An attempt to avoid a difficult situation by transcending it without confronting it directly.


    I did it!!!!

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      Tall man singing in low voice to the tune of Go Compare:

      IIII Diiiiiidddd IIIItt

      :party: :breakdance::yahoo::dance:

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  8. I'm happy to be here for you and am sorry for your struggle. It's ok to have needs - we all do. Pls take gentle care during this difficult time.

  9. Welcome and I'm very sorry for your loss. It's very good that you reached out for support.
  10. A combination of irritating paperwork and bad satnav directions have conspired to put a nasty bunch of people directly in my path, spoiling an otherwise good day. I hope that things get better.

    1. MeBeMary


      Sorry things haven't gone well today. :(  Wishing for a quick turn around and better thing are ahead for today.  :hug: if ok and helps. 

    2. stagnes


      Thank you!

  11. Trying to be thrown off the trail by members of the tribe. lol. It's never happening. 

  12. I admire you for surviving and wish you well. Please be very kind to yourself. You have nothing to prove.
  13. if ok. I hope that you are able to get some help and support. You haven't done anything wrong.
  14. I live in a place where they shame and silence victims and protect perpetrators.  No woman is safe if her perpetrator is powerful! She will be put on trial for his crimes.

    1. Annie7


      sadly, yes. you are put on trial for his crimes. silenced. stigmatized, even. maybe you don't make enough cash to live in a non-triggering environment. you are always a woman first, and women are not yet allowed to be fully human , free from violence and degradation. together though, with other survivors, both men and women, we can do a lot to overcome this culture of abuse. 

    2. stagnes
  15. So true. I'm sorry that your experience fell so horrifically short of your expectations. We should all live in a world where these terrible crimes don't happen, or not nearly with the frequency they do.
  16. It sounds like you are learning how to really take good care of yourself and have strong boundaries - things that people with a history of adverse experiences in childhood are not normally taught. I always say that we must learn how to parent ourselves, and like every other parent it is accomplished through trial and error. I encourage you to not let your past to define you, but to also honour and respect what you went through and survived to get where you are. That takes a lot of strength and determination and you should be proud of yourself for making it. Sometimes we need to listen to ourselves and give ourselves the breaks and respites that a parent would give an overwhelmed child. Sometimes we need to encourage ourselves to push forward through something difficult. It is a place that you will arrive at in time and I have always found the journey to go more smoothly when the people who are accompanying me are working with me, not against me. Some can be instructed, but some, sadly, must be abandoned. We learn about these things and make adjustments when are ready. God bless you and keep you well.
  17. You're welcome JBC13. The things that I wrote took me years to do myself. We have a biological drive to attach to our primary caregivers and that is why it is so hard to break it. It still affects me, so please don't feel that I am judging you or saying that you can just go and do it easily. It has been the hardest part of my recovery and I've only really been able to do it because it was affecting the way I was parenting my own children. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. The situation with your finance's family does not sound good at all. You are totally unable to protect yourself there and your fiancé is going to have to help you by finding an place to live that is away from them, for both of your sakes. I hope that you able to move as quickly as you want and that you can eliminate or even just cut way down on the amount of time that you need to spend with his sister. She sounds like a genuine c-u-next Tuesday and the very last thing that you need right now, or ever really. Good luck to you.
  18. I am an old, and believe me, the jockeying for position and social competition never ends. Women especially are often encouraged to compete in bitchy and and unhealthy ways as children, and that can have an extremely unfortunate way of continuing right on through adulthood. There is negativity in every form of social grouping, and I have had to step away from a lot of people, including family, whose own functional neuroses have threatened to derail my carefully managed severe PTSD. I just cannot afford to lose what I have worked so hard to achieve because some immature bitches (of both genders) are playing power games, or are in other ways taking advantage of my natural empathy. I do it all with a polite smile, fulfil whatever obligations that may be outstanding, and hightail it out of any toxic situation that may be dragging me down. In cases where contact must remain, I maintain an email or social media connection, or a very carefully orchestrated and calibrated barter system. It sounds cold because it is - if they weren't there for me when I was on my knees, they don't get the benefit of my sunny disposition now. Even though as survivors it doesn't always feel like we have a choice in who we deal with, we do. If someone or a group of someones are being complete dicks to us we can say no! We can reach out to the positive people outside of our social circles and forge our own identities and lifestyles. It's ok to be alone until the bare patches are filled in because no company can be a lot less destabilising and certainly more enjoyable than bad company. Good luck to all that are suffering - I feel your pain.
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