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  1. Hi, Welcome! I hope you find the support you are looking for! Take care. Let us know if you need anything.
  2. Welcome!! I have found a lot of support here and made some great friends. It was soo weird for me to see soo many people that felt like I do. But is also helpful too. I hope you get the same here. Take care! If you need anything, feel free to talk, I'll listen. But beware, I like cookies! Kidding, not really too much.
  3. I can't add anything that the others haven't already said. So welcome! Hope you find the support you need.
  4. Welcome! Yeah its hard to find words sometimes. Actually, a lot of times. But hopefully, you'll get there, take your time.
  5. nicole m.


    Watch out for drowning... She's a bad influence. LOL
  6. nicole m.


    HI! Welcome! I hope it helps you. You have a great network of supporters here. Take you time, and don't feel rushed to tell us anything. We're here no matter what you need, even if you just need to vent. And I know how hard it is to talk to anyone about what happened. Its easier to just supress it huh? I guess we're all like that at some point. I hope it does get better for you. Take care!
  7. Hi!! Hope you like it, everyone is great here! If you need anything, any advice, or just need to talk, don't be afraid to ask anyone, we're here for you.
  8. Yep, Drowning is right, its great place!! Welcome! You'll like it here.
  9. Hmm, now I'm curious too, I wonder what a troll is too?
  10. Uh, a ugly little hairy monster who lives under a bridge?
  11. nicole m.


    Scrat's adorable!!!! Oh and welcome to AS!!! You will like it here, I promise!
  12. HI! Welcome to AS! I wasn't abused by anyone in a church. But I do agree with what Kayte said about someone going to church dosen't exactly make them a Christian. Anyway, I'm sorry for what you went through. Maybe there are others here that could help you better and they have been through something similiar to your experience.
  13. Hi, welcome. Its good you want to be there for your girlfriend. My husband found this site and showed it to me, and I didn't sign up at first, then when I did I kinda hung back a little. But I'm glad I did sign up now, it has helped me a lot being here with others who understand what I'm feeling and going through. Now we're both members here, he's also a secondary survivor, so you're not alone. And if your girlfriend is ever up to it, I think this site could help her out a lot too. Anyway, hope all goes well with you and her. OH and by the way, your daughter is cute!
  14. Welcom!! You are among people here who can support you and understand you.
  15. sorry you went through that. i'm new here too. i have issuses with my assalts, i can't even talk about them to anyone. i mean my some of my friends know what happened, and my husband actually knows too. although i wish he didn't cause i feel now, we're changed and its ruining our marriage. well, i'm ruining our marriage. i'm afraid of him and all he wants to do is help. but i only know how to push him away. i don't think this helps you any but if you need to talk i can try to help even though i don't know how to help myself, maybe helping someone else will help me. and i know a lot of oth
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