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    my favorite version universal.jpg

    1. S.A.I.


      Hi you two. I am happy you like it. Thank you.  😊

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  2. Hi Lindy I would like to cancel my account the site has been wonderful but I no longer feel the need to be here and would like to have my account removed can you please assist me on how to go about this as I have been unsuccessful in navigating my way as to do this.  

    1. S.A.I.


      Hi Lindy. I would like to delete my account. I am thankful for the great site and help I got here. Could you help me please? 



  3. Quote

    "Rape, by definition, cannot be asked for." How many times have I said that? How many times must those words be repeated? I will keep saying them until every victim blamer is silent. 

    100% agree @Iheartcupcakes

    I don´t know who brought up this damn view that someone "asked for it". I heard similar things in many situations. :notalone::angry::ThankYou:


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