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  2. Welcome. Fine you´re found us here.
  3. Hey @Isaqueen a kind welcome from me to you too. g greetings 🌺🌸🐞🌸🌺
  4. Triggerwaring! Power rape A rape situation, identified by Groth, in which the assailant seeks to establish power and control over his victim. Thus, the amount of force and threats used depends on the degree of submission shown by the victim. go on reading here: https://quizlet.com/61389018/chapter-12-glossery-sexual-assault-flash-cards/
  5. Hi Riinee, great you found us here. Yeah, speaking out can be a excellent help. And yeah, you are not alone. A warm, kind welcome from me to you. Greetings, S..A.I.
  6. Getting free (ok let´s say more free)!!


  7. Go on ; fighting! Wish you stengh S.A.I.
  8. Warm welcome from me to you, too. Greetings, S.A.I:
  9. This is one of the most common questions we see posed at Pandora’s Aquarium and in other survivor communities. It should really come as no surprise that survivors blame themselves; it seems that society only takes rape seriously when the victim was violently overtaken by a stranger jumping out of the bushes. For most of us, our rapists were wolves in sheep’s clothing. They were our dates, our friends, our teachers, our cousins or fathers or mothers or husbands. In the United States, only 40% of survivors report the crime. Of those, "a mere 7 percent go to trial, and only 1 percent of accu
  10. If someone blames survivors or tell them "it couldn´t not that bad" I pray for him to become scilent, think it over and thank GOD for not being able to understand them..
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