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  1. scb

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    thank you thats very kind regards sean x
  2. scb

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    good morning sarah thank you for post yes newbies together sean x
  3. hi kassi im new today too see my welcome topic . you are so not alone look at each day as a new begining and in time it will be so you are so brave
  4. Good morning from the age of 11 my mother & father sold me to pedophiles altough i have bought justice to them & others i still have one more trial to go through its been the hardest 3 years of my life and still on going, i have learnt to talk more these days but as so many of you know it is so hard just thinking of things etc. i will be 49 on the 3rd of april iv lived a life of hell since i rememberd what happend to me that was in 1994 some 20 years now and still living a life centence. i have now had enough of not living and im going to start again, i just hope im strong enough to co
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