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  1. You all are great!! I've read each post with a smile on my face. It kinda feels like a family already. I have an issue though. Found out my T is retiring . I've had her for 6 years. I cried and cried and cried uncontrollably in her office. I know it's a professional relationship and I respect that. I remember one of the 1st things she said to me, "you're safe here." And I knew I was. . I'm afraid of losing the level of support she brings and has brought to me. I have attachment and relationship issues galore. And I don't deal with loss very well. Can anyone relate?
  2. Welcome winglessflutters. Soo glad you joined us!! I am new as well and nervous about sharing as well. I believe this site will help us not to be ashamed. Good luck!!!!
  3. Hello everyone!! So glad to find this site. I actually found it a few years ago, but did not stay committed. Been having some problems lately, related to PTSD, so my therapist found the site again for me. I'm not usually a shy person, but I am still greatly bothered by the rape and molestation that I've experienced. I'm looking forward to continuing my healing journey with this site and support. Thank you Aftersilence for who you are and what you do!
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