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    She walks in starlight in another World

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    God. Disney. Weightlifting. Science. Math. Space. Animals. Code.

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After Silence has become one of my biggest supporters. I'm forever grateful for the friendships and amazing words of encouragement I have received here. I only hope to be as amazing and supportive to others, that my friends here have been to me. :tealribbon:
My name is Terra. I was born && raised in Texas! I love animals :bubble: and work in my town's pet shop. I'm going to school for Mechanical Engineering. I've been called a nerd more times than I care to mention! All I do with my life is read and play video games!
I try not to talk too much about the abuse I've endured, and I'm starting to realize that it does not classify who I am as a person. We are beautiful, and we are all valuable; no matter what has happened to us. :throb:
I am a survivor. There are many obstacles that I have to deal with on a daily basis. I've been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive tendencies, I experience flashbacks and have suffered from r*** trauma syndrome. I never experience problems from other people; but I tend to be my own worst nightmare. I struggle with dealing with my r**** and continuously blame myself. I've had insomnia ever since I can remember, so I spend most of my nights on AS, trying to comfort as many amazing people as I can. I always look forward to meeting new people. So please, message me! Let's chat!
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