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  1. I am, thank you. I have met some amazing and strong people.
  2. Thank you for sharing that. What you said about approval and sexual online relationships I can relate to. I didn't have an actual romantic relationship with anyone until my junior year of high school. I lied to myself about it, telling myself I was in a wonderful relationship even though he cheated on multiple times. Twice while I was at basic training. After breaking up with him I went through what I call my "sl*t phase". I would sleep with almost anyone who was willing, which in itselfs is very dangerous as everyone knows, but I also have to say I am happy I went through that phase. I ended
  3. That reaction is exactly what I was afraid would happen to me when I joined. I am sorry it happened to you, but what you wrote is both beautiful and true. Keep your head high, don't let them see you cry, push on, stay strong, and cowgirl up
  4. Thank you and don't be sorry. Sometimes I over or under think things and end up confusing myself
  5. I want to thank all of you. It is hard, and just a bit scary, for me to ask for help or even just advice. I wasn't sure what to expect by signing up here. I know some people get offended when someone who hasn't been through an event that is as traumatic as what they have gone through tries to become part of their group. I'm glad I'm not running into anything like that here. I look forward to learning and growing from my experience here. Thank you.
  6. I'm not sure what you mean by "You are the judge of what happened." What does that mean exactly?
  7. I'm not sure what to say. I don't want my presence on this site to offend anyone. I'm not sure if most people would consider what happened to me to be serious, to warrent me being called a victim or me seeking help, all I know is how it ended up affecting me and how it continues to do so. So I guess here it goes. My parents seperated when I was very young and my dad moved to Georgia. Even though I was able to see him one month out of the year, there was a void. I looked to the other males in my life to fill that "father void" and there was one man in particular that I looked to. He was my best
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