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  1. Hi beyond,

    I was just about to post about returning myself. I remember you beyond, I don't remember how long it's been that I've been away. It's getting to much for me and I really need connection with others that understand me.  I don't mean to barge in on your post.🤗🤗 Beyond. 

    Hope I stay a bit longer than before 🌺🌺🌺

    If  I need to move this post somewhere else please let me know 


  2. Hello everyone. It's been three years since I've been here. It got too overwhelming so I had to give myself a break, what a long break😅. I have popped in a couple of times but, nah, still wasnt ready. I'm gonna try to give it another go, so if I disappear again you  know why.

    I can't believe it's  had a facelift and all my previous conversations and followers list has disappeared. 

    I'm really hoping to come across some oldies and am looking forward to meet new people. 

    Ok then, breathe in and let's get moving, lol!!!

  3. How in the hell could I?????when its out of my control....always been outta my control. I have flashbacks and triggers during the day, only to be haunted at night with the nightmares..... for sooooooo long. So long tht i feel like giving up ....theres no hope for me, but i hope for all of you...*supporting and listening always* ~Sarah :butterfly:

    There's hope for you too!! this will pass, just try to accept the feelings, thats what healing is all about and that takes time and patience. I know its not easily done. All this crap is hard to accept, but it can be done believe me. Just make sure you take care of your needs and reach out whenever you can. Thinking of you and sending you supportive hugs. Pm me, if you want, I will listen.

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