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  1. Thank you Lucy. Its been two years and I feel that if I cant talk to my husband, and I cant talk to the authoritites to give them the information they need, then who else can I talk to?
  2. I agree. You made the effort to come in this Forum and give a brief description of what happned. And you are obviously affected by it. I am new here too and from what I have read, their is so much support here that you will feel welcome and will feel the love
  3. Hi everybody, hugs and Kisses. My name is Libay, short for Liberty, and I have been living in the States for the past 7 years. I am 33 and moved to the states when I was 26. 3 years ago, I married the love of my life.Yet it was just one year after my wedding that my life changed forever. Sadly, like many of you here, I am a victim but more importantly, I am a survivor. I must confess that when it came down to talking, in order to give information to the Police, I just couldn't. The shame, the humiliation,I found it difficult to even talk to my husband. Because of this, my attackers are still out there, and due to my cowardness, there may be other victims out there becasue the men who attacked me are not behind bars. I know and understand that this it is common for other victims to feel this way. no matter how calm, reassuring and sweet the Police Liason Officer is, it's just impossible to give any details face to face with her. At the same time, perhaps being a Filipina, maybe there are also cultural issues. I'm not saying as a Filipina I feel more humiliated than another victim of a different race, I guess one tends to find more comfort and understanding with the people the feel more attached to. I am in Philadelphia and on a locally based Crisis Centre for Women, there are actually two specific groups for Latino community, and a group for the Asian community. This made me realise that my feelings are most probably shared with other victims who may not be American. Anyway, that is a small introduction about me. Sorry no details. But i feel here, on a forum such as this, I can share more with you all in time. Much more than I could with my husband or the people that tried to get those animals behind bars. Libay
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