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Status Updates posted by NumbAndDumb

  1. Feeling very disconnected with myself, people, and the world. =\

    1. SilentBird


      I understand the feeling. I think part of the reason(with me) is because the very things that seemed important before, suddenly seem much less important. As a result, my interests aren't the same as they used to be and the change in interest has countered the continuing interests of my friends. So yeah, that tends to make me feel a bit disconnected from them. But I have always sort of felt disconnected from the world.

      I wish I had some good advice, but I don't. Just know that you are supported, heard and understood.

    2. NumbAndDumb


      Thank you for the support Silentbird. I feel the exact same way. I've always felt somewhat disconnected from the world as well. I never understood how some people don't even think twice about these things, yet some of us are in such distress over this feeling. 

  2. I'm starting to lose myself again. Will it ever end?

    1. MeBeMary


      Sitting with you, if you like.  :hug: if ok.

    2. NumbAndDumb


      It's definitely okay and is appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Triggered and having flashbacks :(

  4. The anxiety never ceases. The paranoia never stops. This isn't who I wanted to be.

  5. I'm just a corpse.

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