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  1. So thankful for my dog. Saw this the other day..."My therapist has a wet nose." So true!

  2. Really struggling tonight...

  3. Thanks Tina for your support. I am sorry for what brings you here as well. Hopefully we can all help each other!
  4. Glad to hear you are overcoming your anxiety and panic attacks. And, that you are taking some defense classes. I've never heard of Capoeira. What sort of things do you learn? Whenever I feel a panic attack coming along, I inhale for as long and as deep as I can through my nose and then slowly exhale through my mouth several times. According to my psych, this engages the parasympathetic (sp?) nerve as allows you to relax!
  5. Thanks Kassie, Thank you so much for you advice. I like your suggestion of thinking of it as someone else. I too am much more compassionate for others than myself. I agree, therapy is a major struggle right now. My doc actually told me, "if you are feeling like you want to run away and not come back, please tell me." I only told her about what happened just over a week ago and was anxious for days. Couldn't fall asleep. Had so many thoughts running in my head. I have shoved everything down for so long, I had forgotten so many details of what happened and they were all swimming up to the surfa
  6. Thanks Lexi. I'm sorry to hear you are going through the same thing. Hopefully we can both connect with some people and take back our lives. I like the quote you have by your door.
  7. Hello everyone, My name is Lauren. I was raped by a coworker several years ago and have been suffering in silence for most of that time. I had thought of him as a mentor and friend, but he betrayed my trust. I have been working with a psychologist for a few months and finally got up the courage to tell her some of what happened. I'm really struggling with talking about the incident because of all the emotions and anxiety that come back to my mind. She said "it's probably going to get worse before it's get better." I know I need to stop denying what happened so I can get better. But, I do blame
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