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  1. I'm looking at alot of my triggers now. I discussed some of them at therapy, not even realizing they were triggers when they happened. Knowing that they are when it happens has been helpful for me. The part that is frustrating is that I can't remember where it stems from. I have the behaviors of shutting down, dissociating, and shaking, nausea and crying when someone expresses anger towards me. I know that the way in which they express it makes a difference. My T thinks this stems from a younger age than 7/8, which is when me csa started. So frustrating! What you wrote about fear made me realize it is fear driven. I hope I remember so I can sort it out. You are right! I am safe now, I am an adult and can take charge. Thanks for posting. It's helping me cope

    Dear Skyfeather,

    I am glad that I was able to provide you with the way to cope with what you are going through. It is a journey where you can fall right back down so easily, but you have to keep moving forward. That is how I feel.

    I do have many triggers I do not know where they arise from. I sit down and think about things logical and ask myself why. I know how frustrating it is when you don't know certain things trigger you to be certain way. What I am going through is based on what happened to me and what happened to me aftermath. I am glad that you are able to get the help you need. I want you to keep moving forward and beat your fear.



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