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  1. It's unfortunate, the things that brought you here, but welcome to AS. You are definetly not alone, and are very brave for coming to this site and writing your first post. It's okay if you can't or don't want to share things yet, not everyone can do so right away and that's perfectly okay. Whenever you are ready, or want to talk about anything, AS is a wonderful place full of wonderful and supportive people. Don't be afraid that you will be judged, because everyone here is helpful and supportive. If you need anything, or need someone to talk to, feel free to message me. Don't feel pressured a
  2. Very sleepy... Hopefully I'll get some good rest. Doctors appointment in the AM...

  3. Hello Rosemarie... I'm sorry for the circumstances that have brought you here, but I'm glad you decided to join AS, and post. You can always share at your own pace. We are all here for support, and like many here will. Please know that you are not alone in anything you face; I am also here if you would like to talk. So many of us here are willing to listen. All I have found here is support, welcoming people, and a great place to feel accepted and be able to talk to people who understand what I'm going through. I hope you find all the same wonderful things I have here. -Sarah
  4. Thank you everyone. I feel very welcomed and supported here, I'm very glad I found AS.
  5. Hi Ashley. I'm new here, but if you need anyone to talk to I'm more than willing to listen. I also hope to make friends on here; I need the support and understanding. I'm glad you decided to try out AS, and I hope you find all the support or friendship you are looking for. Be strong, and know you are brave for being here. I am wishing you the best. Hugs if okay.
  6. Hello Abby, I am sorry you had to come back here, but I'm glad you remembered AS and hope you find the support you are looking for. I hope you are doing well, and things get better for you. Hugs if okay. Wishing you the best.
  7. Hi Nikki. I am new here too, and I think this site is a wonderful place for understanding and support. I'm glad you found AS, and I'm glad I did too. You are not alone, and if you ever need to talk you can message me. I am more than willing to listen; I know it can be difficult sometimes to share your story. I wish you the best.
  8. Hi Ivy, I'm new but I'm here for support just like most of the people here. You are strong for having been through a week long psychiatric hospital stay; I know how those are. I hope you enjoy this site and are doing well. If you want to talk I am more than willing to listen. Wishing you the best.
  9. Hello a9z, I'm also new to this site. I'm so glad I found this place though; it seems like a wonderful place to share things when you are ready, and get any help or advice you need. Everyone seems very understanding and supportive here. I wish you the best, and hope you enjoy this site as much as I already do.
  10. Hi Bhappy2. I'm new here but already I can see how wonderful this site is, and the people who are here for support, understanding and advice. I hope things go well for you. You are very brave for reporting your rape and I think it shows how strong you are. I wish you the best during the investigation stage, and every day afterwards.
  11. I'm new here too, but already I see many good people that are understanding and helpful. I wish you the best, and I hope things get better for you.
  12. I originally told my mom what happened to me soon after it happened, and I was young. My mom blew me off; she acted like I was either lying or just trying to get attention. That was years ago. To this day she denies I ever told her anything back then, and now she just tells me to forget it, that obviously I'm fine. But I try not to let that get to me; I just focus on other things and try to forget that she doesn't seem to care, or just doesn't want to know.
  13. Thank you ItsANewDay14, I'm glad I'm not alone in any of this. And in finding this forum, I have realized I am not alone at all. I haven't seen any judgement here either, and it's nice to know that I've found somewhere where people are understanding. The few people in my life that I've told my story to, were the judgmental ones. Not all of them, but it hurt that any of them were not supportive in any manner. I appreciate your response, and I wish you well too. Hopefully we will be able to share our stories and feel good about it. Also, thank you for offering to listen and talk to me.
  14. Having a good day today. :)

  15. Hi, my name is Sarah. I'm not sure how this introduction thing works but I'm here for support, advice and hopefully I'm able to find peace with myself and what happened to me. I'm nervous to talk about what happened to me because I feel like it was insignificant and not as big an ordeal as what some have gone through... I'd like to be able to find someone, or people here, that I can talk to about things because I feel judged by the people I've told, and they make me feel worse about it. I just want to feel accepted and have support. Feel free to message me if you want, I'm not sure when I will
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