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    There are no classes in life for beginners-Rilke
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    i see a desk and a window. ring any bells?
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    writing about my interests....

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  1. Silly Question

    silly meg....cookies are the wonderful baked goods your grandma makes!! some have chocolate chips and some are peanut butter but they are all delicious!! if you check the delete all cookies box that gives the mods permission to come to your house and eat all your cookies....i think clown has been sleeping on your head meg!! lovekay
  2. Previously Known As Blsutkobel

    you'll always be my taco head and my matchmaker! love your new name! love kaylin
  3. What Do The Abbrieviations Mean?

    ttfn is very tigger from winnie the pooh! lol
  4. Removed

    same goes for the hi, welcome, post and we love you thing but also congrats on finishing highschool. when i had to go to work my junior year i went to independent study and it was for the best. i didn't function well with my peers who were worried about homecoming and football games and i don't think i would have finished otherwise. it takes guts to take responsibility for your life and you should be proud of yourself! anyway, i tend to gush and all i wanted to say was good to have you here. don't worry about posting right away. if you lurk and read everything (like i did!) eventually you will find a thread you can't help but reply to. love kaylin