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  1. New Here.

    Just by joining you are showing how much you care for your child! It would have meant the world to me if my real mother had believed me when I told her what had happened to me as a child. I hope you find helpful advice here, and support. I know that being a secondary survivor can be extremly painful as well! Stay strong, never give up, and remember to take one step at a time. If there is anything I have learned through it all, its that love is an incredible healing tool. Life can be hard, and you are right.... sometimes we get dealt a crappy hand. But we grow stronger through that. And one day, you will no longer be one mad momma (as much), but rather one strong momma! Good luck to you, I will think positive thoughts for you and your family! Stay strong! Lil'angel
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  3. Hi I Am New Here

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  4. Survivor Art

    I am sure it would be ok....if you are unsure just PM one of the sire moderators.... i would love to see your artwork!! Planning on posting some of mine tnight!!!
  5. Essex 1- Me 0, Time To Change That Score. Good, Funny

    Climbing my tree at my grandparents house!!! I had so much fun in that tree, and spent alot of time there! It made happy memories!
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  9. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to AS.... hope it helpw you as much as it has helped me!
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    Welcome to AS! I found this site this year too...i am 18 and in first year of college as well!! This site has really helped me...hope it does the same for you! Stay strong and keep fighting!!!
  13. Hi Iam Becky

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  15. Hello Everyone.