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  1. Hi Lindy I would like to cancel my account the site has been wonderful but I no longer feel the need to be here and would like to have my account removed can you please assist me on how to go about this as I have been unsuccessful in navigating my way as to do this.  

    1. S.A.I.


      Hi Lindy. I would like to delete my account. I am thankful for the great site and help I got here. Could you help me please? 



  2. Hi Tazman99 you are a strong individual and a great support for your wife, this place is a nice place to learn and to find people who share in difficult paths we all face through recovery. Your wife is a very lucky woman to have you by her side
  3. Thank you so much for the warm welcome, it is still hard to open up about this, I still have lasting effects of my sexual assault and have finally decided after counselling to join this support forum. Again thank you
  4. Just unsure how this works my 1st day here. Is this where I can ask questions about my PTSD having a few issues and wondering if others have the same experiences I'm having.
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