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  1. My T is very good about redirecting the chitchat onto the core issues needing to be discussed. He has an advantage as he reads my journal and has a jumping off place on our discussions. Otherwise all we would talk about is the weather. I am not very chatty by nature so the journal readinf is a big help. Sue
  2. Welcome to AS. And yes there are lots of folks who have felt or still feel as you do. You belong and you ARE a survivor. Sometimes it just takes a while for that fact to sink in. No one has had anything worse happen to them than anyone else. We have all had our own experiences and these experiences have hurt us deeply. That is the common theme that brings us all together. So take care and don't worry about if you belong or not, YOU DO!!! Sue
  3. Welcome to AS. We are glad you found us too. Sue
  4. AS is the supportive family I have always wanted and neede when I attempt to spread my wings and learn to fly. Sue
  5. Thanks for the post Determined. It hits a healing place within me. Not meaning to take over your thread, but I have recently and forever, been working on this self-blame issue. It is slowly coming to me that the blame is not mine. But this has left me with this terribly empty spot within. I no longer know who I am. I now need to begin finding that out. Sue
  6. Kitty Kat, thank you so much for sharing all of this with us. You are amazing. Well you said we could add on so here is my 2 cents worth: Because of the silence we learn the unhealthy ways to cope with all that we cannot understand or deal with. But we did cope and we DID survive and for that fact alone we all need to learn to feel pride in our accomplishment. So often, I see folks on here saying they want their lives back; that they want to be who they used to be. And it occurred to me as I responded to one of these posts that we all have a unique opportunity to not go back but to recreate
  7. Soooooooooooo glad yor are back!!!!!!!!!! Sue
  8. Hi and welcome to AS. Hope you find all the support you want and need. No pressure on sharing anything. Tell when you are ready and only what you are ready to tell. Good luck and take care. Sue
  9. Hi and welcome to AS. It is a great board with wonderfully supportive people. Take care and good luck. Sue
  10. Hi Daniel, welcome to AS and thank you for caring enough to seek help and give help. Sue
  11. Hi. Welcome to AS. Take care and many kind thoughts sent your way. Sue
  12. Hi and welcomr to AS. May you find the support you are looking for. Sue
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