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  1. Hi, This is my first post, albeit depressing topic. I'm 18 years old now and have recently been facing and dealing with effects of chronic, sadistic sexual abuse by a "friend" from around the ages of 7 to 9. I saw myself as damaged, permanently unsalvagable goods, so I tried to take my own life a few weeks ago. I continually have flashbacks and remember more and more what happened to me when I was young. While a lot more about me makes sense than it did before, I just feel so shitty for allowing it to happen. The power differential in the abuse was the fact that he was just a bit older than I
  2. Hey, I am also new here. I am dealing with some of the very same things, and I know how hard it feels. I would like to talk with you privately if possible. That being said, know that people out there are thinking of you. I don't have any inspirational stories to share, but I'm hoping I can make one for myself and the same for you.
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