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  1. Alex


    Hi Sarah, Welcome. Btw, I'm 15 so you're not thát young. :-) I'm in fostercare too. Glad you seem to have found a nice family. Take your time on here, write what you feel like. Alexander
  2. hi cobehale Welcome to as! Alex
  3. Welcome and of course you belong here. Alex
  4. Hey Sparks, welcome! Alex
  5. Thanks everyone... :-) Alex
  6. Hi everyone, I guess i'll try to introduce myself a little bit here. I'm Alex, I'm 15 years old. I'm from The Netherlands. Much has happened in the past, it has only been stopped a couple months ago. I now live in fosterfamilies, but no, it was not my family that did it. I'll try and explain some more in another topic. If you've got anything to ask, don't hesitate. Greets, Alex
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