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  1. It does gets better everyone, there is hope. I am a 38 year survivor of rape. I did not speak up for 20 years which caused a whole lot of emotional problems, drug addiction, isolation, in and out of abusive relationships, it destroyed my relationship with my entire family. I am now working with rape victims as an advocate, I have started learning martial arts to bring back my self esteem and confidence, not to mention the next prick that tries to rape me will be finding himself at his own funeral. I highly recommend you ladies taking a class in Women's self defense, martial arts, it has helped me so much. I wish I had taken this a long time ago. Also start replace negative emotions and thoughts with positive emotions and thoughts, as long as you think negative then negative will return to you, think positive and positive will come to you. My goal is to help all women to regain what was taken from them and when you learn this then you will also learn that your abuser loses and you win. It is possible to rise above, I am proof! There is hope ladies and we must all speak up against sexual abuse....IT MUST STOP!!! Hugs to you all and hold you head high, you are precious, beautiful and strong and you will rise above! Hang in there! We are strong!
  2. Hello Zach, I stayed in silence for 20 years. The best thing I have found is to talk about your sexual abuse. I have started working with rape survivors and I am drawing great strength through this. It does get easier and when you realize when you begin to rise above it then your abusers lose. There is hope!
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