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  1. So many things I want to say but I can't :cry:

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    2. Iheartcupcakes


      My T says we believe our own voice before anyone else's. I have to continually work on that. I hope you will consider that and not say those negative things to and about yourself. You don't deserve anyone being mean to you...not even yourself. 

      Maybe your psychologist feels you need someone else. I don't know the circumstances. I am almost sure it's not personal though. I am so sorry you're hurting. 

    3. MeBeMary


      The only thing that is wrong with you is that you are hurting, and even that is not your fault. Nobody deserves this pain, not even you. I cannot advise on your psychologist, other than perhaps there is a better one out there for you. One more suited to your needs that can and wants to help you.

      Do not give up, because even if you don't believe it right now, you are worth it. :hug: to you, if ok.

    4. chlo


      My cpn is changing my psychologist is leaving I can't cope with all this change and goodbyes I hate it. I don't even want to trust or like anyone ever again cause they'll just leave and ill get hurt over and over :cry:

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