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  1. Why do I even try?

  2. some days you just need to curl up and cry yourself invisible

  3. MissBecky. I can so relate. It is like I am dr Jekyll and mr hyde for a bit. I do the damage and then I am back to my true self. Unfortunately the damage is left behind. I am trying so hard to prevent this. I hope someone out there can help.
  4. I just want things normal

  5. bound to be a better day

  6. just feel like crying

  7. do i really belong here

    1. Field8


      Yes you do...welcome but sorry you have to be here. Gentle hugs if okay

  8. I feel like an outcast

  9. Welcome Jenn! I am also new to the group. I am sure everyone here will most definitely help in your journey
  10. Hello all. Yes I am finally ready to truly confront what happened to me 45 years ago as a child. I am also ready to realize that what happened has caused many issues for me. I have been able to only tell 2 people what happened to me. One of the people being my husband who I have hurt deeply with some of the long term effects of what happened. Sorting all of this out is very hard and painful for me. I am glad that I have found this site and am hopeful that the support will help me to be the me I desperately want to be
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