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  1. I always think of Lent as a time to reevaluate, take stock, etc. Kind of like a Christianity's answer to New Years Resolution. I don't particularly enjoy the focus on the Passion, however I do find comfort in a God who has suffered as we do and understands that suffering. I also find comfort that His suffering wasn't for nothing. It was to redeem us all. His infinite forgiveness even in the face of a painful and shameful death. His protection and love for all of us. I agree it shouldn't be a time of excessive religiosity. It should be a time of personal reflection and growth. Ended wi
  2. Welcome. I'm so sorry for what you've been through but I admire your courage. Our society doesn't really give the attention due to male victims. It is a taboo place. You are incredibly brave just to admit it and deal with it. Your struggles with your meds remind me of mine. I ultimately decided to stick with them and tinker with them as needed. Not because they change me but because they keep the intrusive memories and my own spinning to a level where they can be managed. Your struggles with trusting others also resonate with my. My "best friend" locked me in a room with her boyfriend
  3. The kindness I'm finding here is wonderful. Thank you so much!
  4. It does get better. Not completely. Never completely. But it does get better. I'm glad you're here.
  5. Thank you. I don't know why but I'm crying. This site is very good and very hard all at once. You know?
  6. I'm new here too. Welcome. I have often struggled with feeling not real. After a LOT of therapy I feel real most of the time but that's hard too. I think we don't want to be here or real because real hurts. A lot. Pain is real. But so is love. It is hard, so very hard but I have to believe its worth it. I hope you find what you need. I hope I do. I hope we all do. Much love and good luck.
  7. Raped 25 years ago and I also come from a family who prefers a pretty picture to an ugly truth and recommends self hatred/self blame as an answer. Some people simply can NOT accept that this is not a just world and victims DO NOT bring attacks upon themselves. It was NOT your fault and you are NOT alone. There is no 8 year old in the world who could handle a sexual assault. Your mother covered it up and helped perpetuate it when you asked for help (what every child should do and what every parent should provide). I'm so so sorry she aided and abetted this crime. You are worth more than
  8. Hey, I'm new too. Look forward to chatting with you You are not alone.
  9. You are very brave. I very much lucked into a nonabusive relationship after YEARS of nothing but. I didn't have the strength to make a conscious change, just some good luck. Someone like you who makes a conscious decision blows me away with your courage and conviction. Be very proud of yourself. Truly!
  10. I found your group and am looking for support. I have just ended therapy after 3 years of VERY hard work and some VERY big stumbles. My therapists and I agreed that I was ready but that I need a safety net. I'm hoping this place can be a part of that safety net. Its not the only one. Both my therapists (EMDR and talk) are available on call, I am in a good place with my meds, I have an AMAZING family and a few close friends who help hold me up. I've dealt with my past in the sense that I can talk about what happened and know (intellectually) how to assign blame correctly. That's not to sa
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