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    music reading amd anthing dangerous

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  1. i wonder if been 36 makes me over the hill then cos will be 37 in a few weeks
  2. Louise


    hi Ophellia you can add me to your yahoo and instant message as well if you would like ile check in my profile if i have the right ones and put them right if not take care louise
  3. i have read some of these posts and was almost tempted not to come back to this site after question the safety of all of us. but thank goodness i didnt stop posting and thanks to all for doing a good job in such a situation please keep up the good work louiseP:::D
  4. Louise


    its ok for you to be here, and you are amongst friends hope you will b able to feel at home here llouise
  5. ime sort of new(I was registerd as carty b4)but it feels like ive come home
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