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    Music, gaming, marine biology, empathy, binaural beats, Warcraft, SWTOR, League, writing, wishing I could find the right person to collaborate with. Can I teach myself photoshop? I need another creative outlet.

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  1. I feel people can only love and tolerate one "version of me". The Lady Boss. The happy, supportive, random/spontaneous, quick, straight-forward girl that will tell you what's up. The girl who appears in control, confident and quite dominant. The girl many men feel threatened by and others chase after because they can't have her. You know this girl with the tucker mouth, but who is insanely intuitive, intelligent, nerdy, with a loud laugh seeming like a cackling hyena. She's not afraid of anything and believes in people. She sees beauty in the smallest things, appreciates art and music. I can a
  2. I don't trust them.... I feel like they stomped all over it. Mostly GG... but I guess people don't really realize what they have until it's gone. I removed them from everything. He had to have his friend send me a message in order for me to see it. I had already put them in the "past" and tried to move on. I have too much other shit to worry about, but we talked and I just wanted to run. I was like... I no longer trust you people at all. In fact, this is probably some sort of joke or trick to fuck with me further, but then I realized after spending a little time with them that my presence actu
  3. I got facebooked by Dos yesterday "<<< Look, idc if you don't ever want to speak to me again or what you think of me, but I do care how you feel because you are a friend to me. I'm sorry for attacking your feelings, it's just that in situations where I am being called the bad guy when I am not, really get to me, and I was wrong. It's also why it is easier to hide, so I won't ever have to be put in those confrontations. I did not and nor will I ever put you in a exposed vulnerable situation, it was all just an unfortunate misunderstanding. Had you been someone else maybe I wouldn't hav
  4. I worked really hard last week, so I bought a tablet for photoshop. Hopefully I can express myself through art as well as working on simple web design projects. I also got poster-putty type stuff to hang art on my bedroom walls to make it feel less like a "prison I trapped myself in" and more like my personal space.
  5. There's a giant glass box with everything that was ever amazing, awe inspiring, beautiful and creative. I'm outside the glass banging, begging and screaming to be let in. No one notices..

  6. I'm sorry if my existance offends you. Actually, I'm not.

    1. vakry


      Hehe I feel like that sometimes.

    2. NothingHasBeenBroken


      ((Vakry)) I feel like it's been awhile. Chat sometime? *hugs*

  7. I heard somewhere that writing is supposed to help heal. When nothing else makes sense, it never hurts to put your thoughts somewhere. Shall I start about my day from the beginning? This morning I was talking to someone who prefers to hide themselves. A defense mechanism if you will. He said, "Sometimes it's easier just to wear the masks people give you." Rather than allowing people "in" to see the real you. He's a capable person and a unique thinker. I like unique thinkers. Once before... I think it was last week or so he told me that he doesn't trust people because he knows what he's capable
  8. I put up some new curtains and purchased some art for my walls.
  9. Hi Lize4. Thank you for sharing with us. I had a similar childhood and I'm so so sorry for the pain you must be going through. -NHBB
  10. Thank you jenz1004. I'm glad I found it, too.
  11. Thank you. reglois. I'm re-reading what I wrote this morning. Being able to say "I'm here." Is important to me. When I was raped, I kept feeling like "I'm not here." and staring at the ceiling. I remember a lot about the ceiling. And my parents instead of taking care of me, blamed me for everything. My father beat me and my mother liked to throw things and remind my sister and I that we were worthless.
  12. I've looked at the welcome section and walked away from the computer a few times, but this is something I need to do for me. I've always been more interested in trying to help other people than help myself. I'm extremely sensitive and empathetic- but I've had a childhood full of verbal, emotional and physical abuse. I was raped as a teenager. I realize I need help and that believing what my parents told me is wrong. They were wrong about me and I need to accept that deep down I was just a little girl who was eager to please. I needed love, help and nurturing. I sometimes feel toxic and that
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