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  1. Hell Memememe, I thank you for your thoughts and they make a lot of sense, I was not 100% that the younger kids didn't need to know right now BUT definitely the oldest because things as you know have been very stressful at times with arguments and a lot of unhappy faces at times....we are trying real hard to keep a good attitude but it does catch up to you eventually and it all has to come out. My wife has mentioned it to her counselor and has given us some ideas but really wanted some input from members that have gone through it...and I thank you. Another concern is now my wife wants to let h
  2. I am a husband of an amazing wife who after approximately 30yrs has come out that she was sexually abused by her so called Uncle of whom is still living in our town probably loving his life while we deal with the emotional pain and relationship changes for the rest of our lives. We have with held this information from most family members on her side due to the affects it may have as it goes down the line, it was my wifes aunts husband that had committed this horrible act to her when she was roughly 10yrs old and unfortunately it was more than once, he threatened her of course therefore she to
  3. You deserve to die........BASTARD. Hope you feel like a man ! (after raping a 7yr old) I better not see you!
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