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  1. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. It's great to find such a great group who understand. I'm sorry I am taking a couple of days to get back. I needed a break. This is hard. I've been trying to work through things, but it's hard. I can't believe I can say that after so many years, but as I read here and on the net about PTSD and think back I become so angry with what they have taken from me. If only the sex was the only thing ya know? All this crap I have been going through after, so many years of thinking it's only me ....now figuring out it was what they did.....Gosh I've been so sad, m
  2. Hi! I am very new to all this. I've never really introduced myself on a message board before. I have a lot of self doubt about the things that I write, say, do, how I look.... yeah pretty much everything..... so I usually just end up lurking, and only speaking now and then when something I am passionate about pops up in the conversation. I've already posted here, and opened up more in the short time that I have been here, more than in the last 20 years with ANYONE but my husband. I figured I better go ahead and make this kinda big step for me with the introduction I do have a few facebook "f
  3. It has become really hard for me to talk to people too. I have never blogged, but I have played a lot of MMO's. As the years have gone on, I have had an increasingly hard time even talking to people in games. It makes me so nervous when someone tries to talk to me when I am not prepared.... and making a phone call can send me into a panic attack! It has drove me crazy for years being like that, when I used to be such a friendly, outgoing person. I miss my old self, but I haven't seen her in so many years, I fear I never will! Thanks for understanding! I really does help so much!
  4. Wow Ghostwriter.... it's almost like I was reading about myself! Thanks so much for posting! I am new here too, actually just joined today and yours is the first post I read.... and this is my first post! I have been dealing with this over and over again for the past 21 years. I have lived mostly isolated for the last 8 years, except for my husband and kids. I only talk to my husband. Between my issues with this, and also dealing with multiple chronic illnesses I have withdrawn pretty much completely. I am finally seeking professional help, my first appointment is in 2 weeks. I'm already reall
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