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  1. Tw Think I Might Be Back

    Aww ty lily and Jane
  2. Tw Think I Might Be Back

    Hey Jane, Aww ty so much for your post, i missed you and often wondered how ya getting on in your new place. I hope you are well and things haven't been to hard for you lately. I'm gonna have a catch up on your topics among others if ok when i am feeling stronger, for now though i would get to triggered so am selfishly only here to vent all this shit in my head out on screen. Being a part of AS is a comfort, just knowing even though yall have your struggles ya not alone. Even though i am not strong enough right now to read many topics of others i want you all to know i still care and will offer support to others when i am not afraid it will completely break me. Much love to you Jane and all on AS
  3. Tw Think I Might Be Back

    As the title says i think i might be back on the forums for a while, not sure how long. My last rape was dec 8th 2013, so almost 4 months ago now. For the first month or two after i vented a lot on this site, i wrote everything down which was tormenting my mind but then i crashed, i couldn't even bring myself to visit the site anymore. I am so sorry i left, i feel like i abandoned you all, I couldn't bring myself to read others posts as they triggered me to much and i was just hurting to much and had nothing more to say about my own pain, all i had was black depression and ptsd symptoms running riot, the same shit over and over again. I am sorry i left, i hope it is ok to come back, i did think of yall and wonder how yall were doing, i didn't just run off and forget you all i just couldn't face anyone anymore. I missed AS and the amazing people i have met here.
  4. Hi

    Welcome Peacock, when ya ready to vent i am sure ya find support and understanding here as i have.
  5. Hi Everyone

    Hi Tamme, Welcome back to AS
  6. Im New....

    Hi there you are very welcome, i am glad you have found us and hope you get all the support you need here
  7. New Here

    Heya, welcome to AS, this is a greta place for support and understanding, i hope it helps you as it has helped me sooo much.
  8. I'm New

    Welcome to AS Anna, you don't have to share all at once, just take it at your own pace, your topics don't have to have all the details, they don't even really have to make much sense, just write what you feel will help you, people here are very kind and understanding.
  9. New Here

    Sorry so short n words right now, bad few days.
  10. Hi Nighthaven and scared, I am sorry to hear ya both feel this way, you have come to the right place, there are so many lovely people here and I hope you both find teh support you need. If ok.
  11. Hi Everyone

    Hello Elle, welcome to AS
  12. Happy Birthday

    1. chloeann11


      Awww Vak, ty so much :)

  13. My Introduction

    Hi Lisa, welcome to AS, I am sorry you need to be here but hope it helps you.
  14. Glad I Found As

    Holly, Welcome to AS, and well done on telling your friend, I hope you find all the support you need here. Chloe
  15. Yay Me, Im New Here

    Nice website by the way.