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  1. I am sorry for what you have been through. Glad you are on the road to healing though. Also a huge congratulations on your first child
  2. littlepixie1597


    Hi I'm Audrey. Pixie's insider, um.. hi.
  3. I feel a bit better today. Granted I just woke up so that might help. I am so confused about all of everything. I am glad Audrey was able to come out and play for a while I am pretty sure she was happy. It is just the weirdest feeling because I remember that I was doing something but I don't remember what happened.
  4. I have spent the day partially as my youngest Audrey. I have gone back and fourth from all three of us. I am right now I think I am Catherine. I do not know for certain as I am still in a fog. I am struggling tonight and I don't know why. Today I have been sitting at a friends house and not sure what I am doing. Audrey spent much time out playing bringing great happiness. It's me Pixie. Hope I understand this better soon.
  5. Hello itsmylife. Welcome to AS, this site has helped me so much. I hope it helps you as well. With all due respect -Pixie
  6. Hello Jack, Welcome to AS. I hope you find AS a helpful and healing place for you. -Pixie
  7. Stayed the night a good friends house last night and then bought my favorite breakfast today.
  8. littlepixie1597


    Nice to meet you noaa welcome to AS. I hope this site has helped you as much as it has helped me in my healing journey.
  9. Welcome to AS, I hope that this group is able to help you as much it has helped me.
  10. I'm sorry for what happened. Sitting with you.
  11. Welcome to AS Daisy, this site is absolutely amazing. I hope you find the help you need
  12. Hello to you both. And welcome to AS, this place is a very wonderful place. I have been helped a lot in my own personal healing journey.
  13. Hi Sarie Welcome to AS. The people here have helped me immensely I hope they help you as well.
  14. Hi Blue welcome to AS. To answer your question the my story section has a post minimum, if I remember correctly it is 10 posts. Anyway welcome to AS I hope that you get as much support as you need.
  15. I love this topic idea awesome thread idea Doe -I'm probably not the only one who says I'm fine during the middle of a panic attack -I'm not the only one that can cry for hours and then smile -I'm probably not the only one who forgets where I put my keys on a regular basis
  16. Hi AlexisWillow Welcome to AS. The people here are amazing and are great people that have helped me a lot I hope they are able to help you as much as they helped me. Pixie
  17. Hello FinallySpeakingOut welcome to AS. The people here are amazing and are very supportive.
  18. Welcome to AS. I hope you are able to find the support you need.
  19. I agree that if there was a list that would help. What i normally do when I have a post that I believe may trigger, is I put the title of my post and then I do "*may trigger*, or *trigger warning*". I hope this helps.
  20. Hating my emotions right now

  21. Hello and welcome to AS. I hope you are able to find the support you need.
  22. Hello Grace7 welcome to AS. I'm sorry that you have gone through experiences but AS is a wonderful place with wonderful people that are all very wonderful and supportive.
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