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  1. Welcome Abbey. Im glad you are here and would be free to talk if ever you need. Take care, Juliet.
  2. Akemi


    Welcome, I hope you begin to heal. I am sorry you have to go through any pain, though.
  3. Welcome and it is great you have found help and wish to heal.
  4. Hello! Welcome, and I hope you can heal.
  5. Welcome. You made a big step and i hope you can begin to heal.
  6. Thank you very much, Ally. I appreciate your warm words! I already feel welcomed.
  7. My name is Juliet and I want to begin my process of healing again. All of these negativities surrounding what happened to me have cropped up again. I didnt want to go to formal counseling, again and I have heard positive things and read good things of this site. I am glad to be here and hope all is well with everyone.
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