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    still on the run
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    pen, pencil, acrylic, pigments suspended in drying oil, aerosol cans & piano.

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  1. It was nice knowing you all, couldn't have asked for a better place anywhere. This is goodbye. 'I'm sorry.' Thank you everyone for being there for me. - Braincild.
  2. Finally moved far far away. Nice neighborhood, very green and lots of space. Settling down is not so easy since i'm new to everything here. Mom started work already so it's me and the house most of the time.
  3. this week i donated to a fund to help my uncle who abused me for 15 years. he's fighting cancer. i did it anonymously. this isn't the first time i helped him or the others. And because of this mom thinks i'm hopeless, i know she's worried and scared i might move back in with the rest of my family. obviously i will never do that. should i ignore him and the rest, never forgive and move on? does that make me the better person.. or am i stupid.
  4. i want to help myself, i want to let it out but after seeing similar stories and feelings from others, i back off. i don't know why i just can't seem to let it out. whatever lies ahead i know i have to live with all of it.
  5. thank you. i cantually came to know Aftersilence like 2 years ago i think. i did sign up and waited for validation for almot two weeks and gave up. last week again i thought to give another try. i feel better this time it worked.
  6. i'm 19, a survivor. i was told by google that Aftersilence is therapy.
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