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  1. I too understand. I had posted my story and was feeling pretty good when this site crashed. Was unable to log on for quite sometime. That was discouraging. I dont post alot but read a bunch and am comforted to know I am not alone when I read others. Glad u too found the strength to come back
  2. It takes a big step to talk!! Good for you for taking that step. Sorry you are here.
  3. Thank you for the support all...angelic, should I get stuck somewhere in here I will call on you
  4. Hello Countrygirlwithadog....seems you are here for some of the same reasons I am.....to clean out that closet...I was raped at 20 and after 28 years of not really dealing with it have decided its time....hope this sites offers u the support u need....
  5. I joined AS over a year ago but tried to log on a few months ago and was unable...guess the site crashed..was discouraged but am back now..comforting to know there are others out there dealing with the same problems and emotions
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