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  1. hello... i have long put off joining a forum, let alone writing a personal intro post - but i truly feel it is the most important step i can take in my life at this moment. it has always been my safe zone to be present for other people in their healing, to encourage them and support them, while i myself hid in secret mounds of pain. so i am here to uncover myself and be honest with all who will listen, and am grateful to likewise support the honesty and truths of others i am here because the rest of the world seems unreal to me now. because people who have not experienced this depth of emoti
  2. you are absolutely in your right to feel violated and emotionally confused at this situations! please don't allow anyone, and especially not yourself, to minimize the truth of what you are feeling. any moment that feels like an unfair taking away of your physical/sexual power and right to decide what happens to your body physically/sexually is without need for justification. it is your birthright to feel your feelings about this! i celebrate your bravery in being here
  3. blessings to you i am also very new here, my first post in fact, but i wanted my first post to be reaching out to someone else and telling them - you are not alone - because it is exactly why i came here. i have heard from many others that it gets better, it gets easier, the pain will transform into a strength, and i believe it for us both and for all of us. i support and honor you for taking steps toward your healing! good for you! i'm cheering you on!
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