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  1. Hi Henriette, welcome. I am new here. I'm still scared to use my real name! Thank you for sharing. What you have accomplished IS a big deal. Even if it sounds silly, it really isn't, and sometimes it's the littlist things that are so hard to re-learn to do. Hope you find solace and support here, --321
  2. I felt an awful lot like you describe right after my rape. It lasted for a while. I think I thought that if I could see triggering things or things that should be triggering, and finally DIDN'T react, that I would be healed. I really wanted verification about being ok, because I desperately wanted to be ok but never felt ok. I also never got the reaction I was looking for in people. I was guarded in who I told, and was really annoyed that nobody offered the response that would make me say, "Ah, finally, some clarity! Now I understand! Now I'm ok. Now I'm healed and can move on." I know I praye
  3. 321


    Hi there. I am new here too. My first post/comment was yesterday. Welcome --321
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