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    I enjoy my children, teaching karate, attending college, my great friends, advocating/volunteering and being able to breathe.

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  1. i went to therapy and was courageous and talked about my bad dreams and then i colored in my SARK's Playbook and then i took my kids to the icecream parlor and then i went and taught little 3 and 4 year olds karate and now i am here making another effort to reach out to people who might be able to understand me take care, kathy
  2. hey there, i am new here as well.. it seems like a great place with great people. i hope that you get settled and find the support that you need. take care, kathy
  3. that is really awesome everyone, thank you very much. i am a bit confused on how it works to get the feedback that i see others getting. i will keep reading more and trying to get the hang of it. this seems like a really nice place so far thanks
  4. wow thank you both of you. i am reading a lot of posts right now... i look forward to getting in the groove here and feeling apart of the supprot that i am seeing here take care
  5. My name is Kathy I am a newly turned 25 year old. I have 2 wonderful kiddos and I have a great life today. However, I embarked on a journey to face and heal from my past and it really opened up a can of total turmoil and mass confusion. I just need some support. I have gone and tried other places online and I suppose I have just not found what has suited me...I hope I have found that place here. I am grateful I am still willing to seek out support. Thank you very much for being here. take care, Kathy
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