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  1. thank you all nice to be back again too so much going on but hanging in there too love light and hope lily
  2. welcome to AS yes your talking the first step to healing but i found healing is a journey in a big way also by working on healing we can move to new understanding who we really are too so i so glad you here look forward to getting to know you too love light and hope stormie
  3. hi healing i been away for some time but am away from my abuse for the first ime in 47 yrs in a place that is safe away from my abusive family so welcome to AS hope you can find healing here and other places too i found this place is great too just last time i was here a lot was getting in my way of healing but am free at last so ya i with you see were we will be in a year but also were we be in 6 months too as i know healing come over time but is hard work too got to be willing to do the work too that can be hard but worth it too here to you healing and growing and finding out who
  4. thank you all yes it been a very hard time for me in some ways but in other ways it been good for me too still get scared at times and the what ifs go throught my head at imes too or i will go to the feeling of why or i should have or i could have also the guilt get too my mom uses that to get to me at times but mostly it in my head a lot too but working on that too see new T again on the 7th too thank you for all the welcome backs too love light and hope stormie
  5. after a stormy time come a rainbow out of the ashes a new

    beginning  come to me and to all who hold onto faith and hope too

  6. hi all i no know were to start i been away for a long time a lot has happened in my life think last time i was here was over 2yrs ago but not sure at all as my life has taken a turn for the better in the las 2 months i was living in same town as my family who are abusive still in some ways but i do love them too not everything was bad but well a lot more bad then good i not sure hat ohers believe but the end of may i got a letter saying that my lease was not going to be renewed at first i freaked out as i not know what to do at all i only been at that appartment about a year and 10 mon
  7. hi new to board looking for away to support and be supported by others too i been online for a long time but have found it hard to find a safe place to be too stormie
  8. your not alone and yes it good to find you voice again after being quiet for all them years but i understand the fear too stormie
  9. hi i to was abused in childhood and in my marrage of 12yrs so i here to help and understand if you want a friend stormie
  10. hi i new here too just wanted to say yor not alone stormie
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