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    art of many forms,crafts, graphic design, writing poems and short story's, computers, chatting,helping others,cats i have one named paw paws, christian music,and many other things

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i am a survivor of many forms of abuse from birth until may 17th 2017 when i moved away from  my home city away from family too i am now 1.5 hours away from family and all alone in a city i never lived in before too but my faith in God has got me this far and i know He will keep helping me heal more and more i love my family but it not good to be around them day in and day out time to be free from that  too but this has not been easy at all for me as i having to find myself who i am apart from family this is a new journey for me only thing i sure of is that God got His hands on me as He always has so i know i will be ok but i be not being honest  if i said i had no fears or worries too

i was born in  1970 into a family that did not know what real love was at all as far back as i can  remember i been abused and mistreated mostly by family and friends of the family then i married  one of my abusers but at the time i had forgotten the abuse he did too me and others too so we had 3 kids and lost then about 15yrs ago to the system but out of that i was able to get away from him a few years later too then cycled in and out of pychwards a few years too then well was in same city as family too but was trying to get by too am on SSI but righ now a new chapter is starting in my life too hope with this i find my true self and true healing  too

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