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  1. Melody, nice to have you on board. I have been through something similar, am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse that only really came to the fore of my consciousness when my father died a couple of years ago. I had a breakdown (sort of burn-out) at the beginning of this year, although I have to add that there were other factors as well (very stressful job and marital breakup). However, it has forced me to take a look at things afresh and to finally try to address the things that I blocked out of my mind for so long. The realisation that I am in no way to blame for what happened when I was
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new here and trying to come to terms with sexual abuse as a child at the hands of my father. It has affected me in countless ways, and I am finding it difficult to put some sort of shape to it all. the paradox of being abused my him, and also loving him as a father is very confusing. I don't know what to think about that one. I seem to be such an insecure person, thinking myself unworthy of respect, and of love. yet the people who know me say I'm caring, gentle, sensitive.. i don't know how to go about addressing this but I strongly feel a need to deal with it, to under
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