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  1. New here too. Hope you enjoy your stay. I have so far.
  2. Thank you both for your welcoming words. Being here just makes so much sense right now, it's the first time I have not felt alone in years.
  3. Welcome. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time finding support and I agree, there aren't enough resources readily available for victims and their loved ones. I'm sure you will find support and understanding here.
  4. Welcome back to the forums. I am new here myself and have found that although it is sad to have experienced trauma it's also helpful knowing that I am not alone. I'm sorry to hear about your recent difficulties but just keep in mind that if you were able to get so far in your healing once you can certainly do it again (and probably even better this time around).
  5. Hi everyone. I have joined this forum after much internal debate because I feel that it is important for me to begin sharing my experience with others instead of remaining in the chokehold of silence and fear. This is my first time sharing my abuse story with anyone besides my therapist and boyfriend and to be honest it is difficult when I don't even want to believe in what occurred. Even so, I am working towards getting to a place where I can actually verbalize my experiences and help others move on from theirs.
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