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    Enjoy camping and spending time with my family. Recently started working out and man has it been a journey already.

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  1. huskers911


    I can not say we are exactly the same but I feel we share something in common. I too feel that I have failed in my relationship and dont know if I can blame everything on my past. I dont know cause I dont know anyone that has experienced what I have. Nor do I know who to tell. I do hope you find peace within yourself. It seems hard to come by and I still have not found mine and life is a crazy rollcoaster but I hope you begin to have more ups than downs.
  2. So this is my first time posting. I have held in what has happened to me for so long but lately have noticed how it has influenced my life. I have only told one person in my life what has happened to me and I didnt get the response I was expecting. I dont know if this person thought I was serious or just didnt know what to say. Lately it just seems like I cant get it off my mind even though it happened back when I was child and I am now an adult. I dont think growing up I even knew it was wrong. Of course as I got older I knew it was but felt like there was nothing I could no about it or even knew what to do about it. I still dont, I recently started a journal and started off with my story in it. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done but it seemed to help. I am hoping to talk with people and hear their stories of over coming and moving on with their lives. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks and hope to talk soon.
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