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  1. Hello, I just wanted to see how you were doing. This week has been rough. Not sure why its all coming back. Hope you are doing well. 

    1. lily23


      Hey thanks for reachong out.. truth is I have been struggling a lot more this week to. Pm me of you want to talk more.

  2. I am new here. I am not sure what to say. But know that people hear you and care. You are not stupid.
  3. Hello, i am thinking about reaching out for help to someone from my church. Just to tell someone and see what I should do. But I am terrified. I am not sure that I can do it. Tell anyone. I am terrified. I'm thinking about cancelling. I reached out for some support groups. But they were eithe ron days that I couldnt make or I had to make an appointment with a counselor. I wasnt (I am not) ready for anyone else to put an ID to what happened. I dont want the puty stares or worse, the judgment stares. But if I dont deal with it, reach out for help i will carry this forever. The pain, fear, dullness has become a comfort. It protects me. With those I will never be in a relationship where this can happen again. Besides the above concerns, getting help could take those away. Making me vulnerable. I dont want that. I think I just talked myself out of the appointment. I am cancelling. Please help. Please pray.
  4. I am on here to clarify if what happened to me is considered date rape. I don't went to minimize what others have been through by comparing what happened to me to their experience. But I am having issues dealing with what happened. My friend that I told says that what happened was. I'd like your opinion and suggestions on how to deal. I flew to a friend of mines house. We had dated before and had sex before. However, for weeks before I came we discussed that we were not having sex. I'm uncomfortable with it and had issues in the past. I got there and we began to fool around. I told him that it was going in. He didn't stop he just went faster. I kept saying but I couldn't move. He was bigger. I kept wiggling and finally got from underneath and he had stopped. I feel... Please help.
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