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  1. he's already won even though he's remanded in prison i can't go through with it.the humiliation and disgust n judgement of other.so scared.4 weeks today n i thought it would get easier but everyday goes by i feel worse
  2. thanks guys but im nt strong enough.my life was over the day of the attack so angry n frustrated that i allowed this to happen.felt worthless going up because of abuse as a child but now no words can describe how i feel just want the hurt,pain n loneliness to go away
  3. amanda14


    i really, really don't think i can do this no more
  4. thanks so much.ijust feel my life is over but the sad thing i really want it to be,already written letters just in case.do u no much about the court process please
  5. i don't want to bring u guys down with me but thanks so much.ilots of what ifs.maybe afraid of being judged.suffered child abuse for 7 years kept it in because i felt bad bout letting it happen n by not sharing it it was like a nightmare with the flashbacks n then at 43 the rape 5 weeks ago.god im so weak. x
  6. thanks guys im not as strong as u guys. feel really ill today.feeling worse . i can't do this.to be honest don't feel i want too. just wish i could share it but have none.find trust hard
  7. so much going on in my head need to talk through them but there's no one
  8. thanks i really need someone right now x
  9. thanks b i have no one.ifeel so bad i don't think im gonna get through this. just need these feelings to go away.but that only means one thing.so much going on n to take in but how can u wen all u feel is pain sadness n anger n all the what ifs
  10. hi iv been coming on here the last few days i was attacked and raped a month ago,really struggling today,not really expressed my emotions but today spent the day crying.i really struggling don't think i can get through.feel so alone n afraid
  11. i just wish i fought harder.was abused as a child n have struggled all my life with the guilt.the rape 3 weeks ago has made me feel so worthless n alone.alot going on n stuff to worry about.i don't think ill get through .thanks Paula how do i get in touch i am struggling with the board
  12. i was told that i would get support but iv had nothing,haven't been out since it happened apart from hosp appointments dressing problems from the assault,haven't told family its too hard.just don't think i can do this anymore.my life was over the day it happened
  13. hi i was raped 3 weeks ago i just want to disappear.feel suicidal and desperate for the pain to go away
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